Yellow Ribbon Alliance Lower St. Croix Valley

Our Mission

To support Veterans, service members, and their families in our communities


You can support in these ways:

  • Donate to Yellow Ribbon Alliance Lower St. Croix Valley (501c3 nonprofit)
    • Checks payable to: Yellow Ribbon Alliance Lower St. Croix Valley
    • Mail checks to:  P.O. Box 152, Afton MN 55001
  • Purchase tickets and attend the Field of Bands Fundraiser
    • September 16, 2023 Noon – 8:00 pm Washington Co. Fairgrounds
  • Volunteer - see website: or call 651-214-9463


Yellow Ribbon Alliance Gives:

  • $1,250.00 Individual Scholarships to three graduating seniors
  • $1,000.00 Donation to Operation 23 to Zero (curbing military suicide)
  • $1,000.00 Donation to Patriot Assistance Dogs (assistance for injured Veterans)
  • $1,000.00 Donation to Homes For Our Troops (adaptive homes for injured Veterans)

And also gives:

  • Annual Veterans’ Dinner in November each year
  • $250.00 Gift for Veteran at Big Marine Veterans Rest Camp
  • Medical needs including family with young child battling cancer
  • Transportation for Veterans needing medical care
  • Delivery of meals for military family (when Mom is deployed)
  • Contribution to Veterans Memorial Site
  • Carpentry & Construction for families’ homes including plumbing/roofing

We value your donation and volunteer efforts
Thank You!